Friday, February 9, 2007

Movie star

My favorite character of all time is former congressman J. J. Jake Pickle. Working for him was one of the favorite times of my life, too. He had a wonderful zest for life which was underscored by his impish personality.

Once, I grew a moustache. Don't remember why. But I thought I looked quite good. Dashing. But I forgot about Mr. Pickle's way of bringing me back to earth.

Several years after leaving his staff, I stopped by his office one day not realizing he had not seen my newly-decorated upper lip. He stopped in mid-sentence, staring at me. Slowly, he collected himself and began to mumble: "Movie star. Movie star."

Indeed, I thought, he's right. Visions of Redford and Newman swirled through my head.

"Movie star. Movie star," he continued to mumble and my head grew bigger.

Suddenly, Mr. Pickle snapped his fingers. He had it.

"Jerry Cologna."

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