Monday, February 5, 2007

Noble, but wrong

Term limits. Just the very term connotes something is wrong with our political system and needs fixing.

True enough. Once elected, our representatives seem to value holding on to the their seats of power more than doing the people's work.

But I don't think term limits is the fix we seek. There are several reasons.

Chiefly, there are no term limits on the people who really run our government: lobbyists and bureaucrats.

Think of their joy in getting a freshman class every few years. Fresh meat that the lobbyists and bureaucrats would have for breakfast.

Why do you suppose there has been no lobby reform? The Democrats are in power. The Jack Abramoff/GOP scandals are fresh. What's the problem? Is it too far-fetched to suspect the lobby is gumming the works?

Re-districting is closer to the root of the problem than term limits. Case in point: Tom DeLay who forced the Texas Legislature into hyper-gerrymander and carved out five new GOP congressional seats.

It's an oft-told tale. Too many seats are safe seats. What we need is an impartial computer-generated redistricting which makes every seat a 50/50 race.

Ahh, but that leaves the voting public vulnerable to lobby money lavished on their candidates who "vote right." Spending caps anyone?

There. Take two vitriol and call me in the morning.



Anonymous said...

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