Monday, March 26, 2007

Big geezer bucks

Somebody could get rich off this idea. If I knew more about retailing, I would.

Here's the set-up: geezers represent the fastest growing segment of our population, yet business is just now beginning to realize the sterling potential of this market.

Why not? No sizzle, perhaps? Maybe it's because all the marketing people are young themselves? Too young to recognize the population bulge translates into big money. Silver dollars, if you will.

Excuse me, I wandered.

Do you have a Relax The Back store in your area? I'm not familiar with how they got started but I can imagine someone experiencing the Eureka! moment and conjuring up the need to bring all these related products under one roof.

Well, someone needs to follow that chain's business model and set up a similar store stocked with geezer products. Seriously. Right now you can find medical supplies and equipment like walkers and such -- but not a single store has gathered up all the other products, some of them fun, and made them available under one roof. Not that I'm aware of.

Too risky for bricks and mortar? You really don't need a physical store although I think it would work best because older people are slow to gravitate to the Web.

Have you ever read the J. Peterman catalogue? Love it. Over-written, slightly funny.

How about the catalogue for the Duluth Trading Company? It's a blue collar version of the Peterman catalogue. But funnier.

Here's the remarkable thing about these two ventures: Neither has a walk-in store. Both drive sales with print catalogues and on-line catalogues. I don't know where they warehouse the stuff they sell but that's a minor point.

Geezers R Us. Catalogues only.

OK. If any of you young whiz kids have read this far, let's get started. Cut me in for a percentage and I'll tell you more.

1 comment:

sph said...

You could just buy from Walgreens and mark it up for the catalogue - at least that's where all the geezers I run with like to shop.

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