Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A deal's a deal

Did I tell you Congressman Pickle was a fiscal conservative? Especially with his own money. Tight.

When Pickle first ran for congress, it was only natural his family pitched in to help. At the time, Pop Pickle was mayor of Big Spring but he laid down his gavel and came to Austin to help his son campaign.

And Pop rolled into town wearing a sweaty old Stetson which has served him well for years. And years. Did I mention that Pop was also tight with a buck?

Finally, Jake admonished his father to get a new hat. "After all," he said, "I'm running for the U. S. Congress. Get a new hat, Pop."

So Pop dutifully, albeit reluctantly, trudged off to Scarbrough's Department Store looking for a hat befitting a congressional campaign. But he came back empty-handed and still wearing the sweat-stained Stetson. "The want too much for their hats," he explained. At the time, "too much" was around fifty bucks.

Jake realized he had to maneuver around his father's reluctance to spend money. So Jake called Joseph's Mens Shop and cooked up a "deal" for his father. No matter which hat Pop picked, the Josephs would sell it to him at a "discount" and Jake would return the next day to pay the difference. It was a good plan.

When Pop arrived at the store, of course everybody was in on the benign deception. They were waiting with bigger than usual grins as Pop picked out his hat. Anticipation reigned.

"How much for this one?" Pop asked. As it turned out, he had picked one of the more expensive hats, around $80.

"Good choice, Mr.Pickle. That hat is on sale for only ten dollars."

"Ten dollars?" Pause. "I'll take two."

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