Saturday, March 3, 2007


Two of my favorite real-life characters happen to have two of the best names: Fleetwood Richards and Jigger Alexander.

Fleetwood is a droll gentleman farmer. I say he is a gentleman farmer because his idea of farming is to drive his Lincoln Continental perpendicular over the plowed field to reach the guy on the tractor and ask, "How's it going?" He made millions doing that. Well, near-millions. Fleet is a junior. His father with the same name had been the state senator from their home town.

Jigger died a few years ago. He was a taciturn man from the old west. I knew Jigger two years before he ever spoke to me. He never told me, but others did, that he was a world champion rodeo star. Yes sir, a roper. Had the buckle on his belt that said so.

These guys were straight out of Steinbeck if he had written Cannery Row with a Texas accent.

Both men liked to nip a little. OK, they liked to nip a lot. But they were both well known throughout Central Texas and they didn't want people to know who they were when they got drunk in case they did something stupid. The solution was pure genius. When the boys reached the red line of drinking, they gave false names: Jigger X and Fleetwood X.

Here's to them: clink!

Don't get me started about their buddy named Gator.


ArchGrafiX said...

HA! You always leave me wanting to read more, Sir. And that's a good thing. But if you ever run outta topics, delve a little deeper into some of these entries, maybe flesh them a smidgeon, after which I will probably still want to read more...

Denise said...

I love your stories, George! Keep 'em coming!! And let's go into Cooter, Gator and all the others!

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