Monday, April 9, 2007

The banker and the politico

This is a story of oneupmanship.

Back when I was younger and dumber, I was hauling across South Texas with a couple of buddies in a SUV that was fast filling up with empty beer cans. Driving across Texas back roads in the morning sun, listening to country music, re-telling tall tales with a cold beer between our legs. We thought it was our God-given right in those days.

Whether by accident or design, we wound up at the King Ranch. More specifically, at the King Ranch Store. If you don't know about King Ranch, go directly to Google. The ranch is a linchpin in Texas history.

But I wandered from the story. My buddies began to show off for the cute little sales girls. My banker friend asked if he could borrow their phone to make a long distance call. This was before cell phones.

They handed him the phone and he placed a call to the governor. Dialed it from memory. Got right through. Hi, Gov. How y'all doing?

My other buddy, the politico, was wracking his brain trying figure out how to top a call to the governor. You could see the inspiration glow around him as he picked up the phone, dialed from memory and, in a loud voice, placed a call to the manager of the King Ranch. He got right through, too.

Naturally, that trumped a call to the governor. Honor was restored.

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