Friday, April 20, 2007

Jake Pickle, statesman

Running for political office used to be fun. Not like the mean-spirited stuff of today's campaigns.

Or maybe Jake Pickle made it fun.

He was going door to door in a rural area of Central Texas looking for votes in his re-election bid for Congress. The hot button item: geese. Penned or free range, that was the burning question in Hays County, south of Austin.

One woman remained behind the screen door as she asked Pickle: what's your position on the geese? He quickly noted that her geese were securely penned and launched into the virtues of caged geese. The woman fussed back -- they don't lay as many eggs. And slammed the door.

Next farm was just the opposite. The geese were running loose. Different woman behind the screen door, same question: what's your position on the geese? Pickle barely got into higher egg production from free-range geese when the lady of the house gnarled: they ain't sanitary, look at all the stuff in the yard. Slam.

Things weren't going well and they were about to get worse. At the next farm house, half the geese were penned and half were running loose.

Pickle sized up the situation. As the woman came to the door, Pickle said: now before you ask, I'm OK on the goose question.

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