Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Open meetings? Sorta

Granger, Texas. One town, two communities. For years, Armistice Day was celebrated jointly but separately by the Czech community on one side of the tracks and the Anglo community on the other.

Hubert Gorubec, a man loaded with rough-hewn charisma, was both mayor and fire chief in Granger. He was Czech and proud of it. Always wore a hat and had a working stub of a cigar smoking from the side of his mouth. Gorubec was a man comfortable in his own skin, jovial and brave at the same time. He would charge a burning building, if necessary, just like he would take on a political conflagration with abandon.

Once, the daily newspaper in Austin, the American Statesman, found fault with the way Gorubec ran closed city council meetings when it suited him. The newspaper sued and won.

Naturally, this didn't set well with the mayor but he was sworn to uphold the law.

So, when the next city council meeting was set to begin, Gorubec gavelled the meeting open -- and conducted the entire meeting in Czech!

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sph said...

Stories like these need to be passed on and on. I appreciate these "oral histories" online more than a mere "comment" can explain.


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