Thursday, April 5, 2007

Wedding giggles

Sonny was a handsome guy. Tall, tan, well-spoken. Should have been married years ago. But, for whatever reason, Sonny still lived at home with his mother.

No matter, he was so well thought of that the good people in his town elected him mayor. And kept re-electing him.

Sonny's day job was running the family tombstone business. Granite. Eternal.

Although several of the eligible women in his small town set their caps for Sonny, he remained a bachelor. Nobody could figure out why. But it turns out, Sonny had a secret life. He kept an apartment in Houston and would go there to party.

And in that vast talent pool, he found a young woman who captured his heart. More and more, Sonny was spending weekends in Houston. Finally, he was ready to propose marriage. But the young lady beat him to the punch. She announced she was getting married all right -- but to someone else.

Ever the good sport, Sonny gave her a nice wedding present: a $500 gift certificate on a thousand dollar tombstone.

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