Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Flooding, storms on road trip

Ah, the American imagination runs wild when you get off the interstate highways. To pass the time on this northern migration, we watch for whimsical signs.

Like these:

Adult Day Care (outside a biker bar in the Ozarks)

Coming soon -- storage

Yard sale -- inside

T'Molly (Mexican food)

Mex It Up

Steep and Crooked next 16 miles (advice works both directions, too)

Litter Bugs Suck (hand-lettered)

My favorite -- Move in with your mom and store your stuff with us.

Before leaving the Lone Star state, we visited the lovely little town of Jefferson in East Texas. And Caddo Lake. Mystical. Primordial. Alligators. Spanish moss. Must see.

Light rains caught us in the Ozarks. But the rains created clouds of mists in the valleys and only added to the beauty of the region. Time on the road doubled but who cares in the midst of such vistas.

We've been lucky this trip and have managed to slip between major storms which have hurt Kansas and Missouri. Rivers and streams are out of their banks in many locations. And you must have read about the killer tornado outbreak. We just got lucky. We by-passed Independence, Mo., and lucked out again. Their municipal water system had been breached by the storm. Originally, we planned to overnight there and tour Harry Truman stuff. Next time.

Today marks the end of the blue highways as we enter the Interstate for the gun lap that ends in Minnesota six blocks from the Mississippi River. Rolling.

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