Sunday, May 13, 2007

GeezerMan, action hero

No sooner had I put the last period on the posting below (Wart your friends) when I got a phone call from a former Austin neighbor. She's crusty, loveable woman in her mid-eighties who is now raising hell in an assisted living joint in Odessa.

LaVelle's son, Mike, mails her this blog from time to time and she wanted tell me how she enjoyed at the squirrel roping item from a few weeks back.

And that, friends, is why I mess with this blog. I love the image of LaVelle laughing out loud. Strangers, too, get in on the act. A Brit visiting in New England rambled across the blog with the same results. Grins and laughter.

When I first started this blog, I was riding a white horse, expecting to save people whether they wanted to be saved or not. Saved from what? Mostly, I was (and still am) troubled with AARP and Congress and George W.Bush. Older people deserve better. Our nation deserves better.

But my inner imp soon bubbled to the top of my consciousness and I began to noodle with humorous bits and political stories. Just fun stuff. Another Brit wrote that mine was the "least philosophical blog" he had ever read. Yes! I agree.

Any day at any given minute, I may yet again write about the injustices of the world. GeezerMan to save the day! As soon as I finish my nap.

But in the interim, I plan to just giggle some more with my pals, like you and LaVelle.


Linda said...


Love this stuff and you. You might even get some celebrity out of this.


George Phenix said...

I'm nearly famous.

Anonymous said...

Do I count as one of your kids? I e-mail you all the time yet I never get mentioned... hmmpp but don't worry I am still a HAPPY Conservative living on my own dime. wink wink.. love ya Unca George!

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