Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Katie Couric reality check

The Mystery Woman's 86-year-old mother, Virginia, is a tough cookie, not easily impressed. She's her own woman and damn well isn't afraid of telling you what she thinks.

Yesterday, I was on the phone and couldn't hang up when Virginia ambled through the living room. Later, I apologized and explained I was talking with a reporter from the New York Observer about Katie Couric's troubles at CBS.

I paused, giving Virginia ample time to be suitably impressed. After all, we are in Minnesota and New York is half a continent away.

In a flash, she replied:"What the hell do you know about Katie Couric?"

This is so much fun.

Well, my stuff did make the New York Observer the next day. But what if Virginia was right? .

I still don't know how to link. Click here for the full story --


Anonymous said...

George, I may not comment on all of them, but I've been reading your blogs. Love it! I agree with you about wanting my anchors 'more substantial' and think Katie Couric was a big mistake. She was good on the morning show, but not as an anchor. Unfortunately, she is endemic of our out-of-whack times, when we pay more attention to the Paris Hilton's than to the real news.
Your old friend, Gail

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, that must have been a lot of fun!
Why do you call your wife the Mystery Woman? Because she looks like Greta Garbo?

George Phenix said...

More like Ingrid Bergman in looks. And Gracie Allen in temperment.

And she requested the Mystery Woman moniker. I would ask her why, but it's nap time.

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