Saturday, May 5, 2007

Toll Road Irony (Guest Geezer)

Here's another tidbit for your geezer column, or as I call it More Jake All the Time.

The Texas Legislature just completed action (subject only to veto by Gov. 39 percent) that would give the new Texas 130 corridor from Georgetown to Seguin the HONORARY name of the Pickle Parkway. What a hoot! It's going to cost about $4 and change to miss all the traffic on the regular interstate in favor of the toll road. And part of the profits go to the Cintra-Zachary combine (half-Spain, half-San Antonio), owner of the southern segment of the toll road.

I'm sure Jake would have been pleased that people would pay good money to avoid going through his home town. But those of us who remember the little green pickles would much prefer to have them available again to throw into the toll-collection bins. On the other hand, those who avoid the tolls on Texas 130 can recall the old liberal line from back when Pickle first became major domo of the SDEC: "Dollars for Democrats, But Not a Nickle for Pickle." (I could kick my sorry butt for giving the last of my bumper stickers to Frankie Randolph. She used it to raise money the libs selling to a collector.)

Sam Kinch, Jr.

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