Saturday, May 12, 2007

Wart your friends

This Internet stuff is slick.

And a boon for retired people. One day last week I got emails from:

-- a buddy cruising in the Sea of Japan,
-- my old business partner and friend driving through Tennessee,
-- a former colleague in assisted living quarters,
-- my high school sweetheart,
-- two of my kids (ahem),
-- a Washington muckraker,
-- a host of people wanting to help my nether parts grow,
-- and a few fiscally-challenged Nigerians.

The connectedness (is that a word?) is beneficial for the geezer set. Remember when your parents retired and all their friends seemed to vanish? Not so anymore.

And blogs have hidden benefits for the scribblers. Maybe I'm too easy, but the sense of accomplishment is genuine every time I manage to post up something pithy. Many retirees suffer from losing their "badge" from the office. Hell, start a blog. Wart your friends. Today, there are 50 million blogs and counting. One more won't overload the system. Besides, you can benefit from the discipline, the structure.

Sorry, I started preaching.

We now can be as connected as we want to be. We now can research practically any topic we can conjure up. Tomorrow's news right now. All sorts of information only a click away. And it's nearly cost-free. Imagine that.

Thanks to Al Gore.

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