Friday, May 18, 2007

What hypocrites!

The Democrats in Congress are balking at lobby reform -- even while the Jack Abramoff scandal still simmers. Instead of putting real limits on fund raising by lobbyists, instead of closing the revolving door from the halls of Congress to lucrative lobby contracts after they leave Congress, instead of stepping up to any moral high ground at all -- the Democrats are about to pass a reform bill that looks a lot like the earlier Republican version that the Democrats ridiculed.

Short term gain for individual congressmen, long term damage to our Nation. Leaves the lobby in charge. Big money foots the bills in expensive elections. No guts.

Unnecessary. The Republican Party is imploding from incompetence, cronyism and bald-faced lies. The Democrats just need to do right. Pass laws that help the most people, hurt the fewest. Screw the lobby.

Instead, the Democrats strut and preen and come off looking just as stupid. Their hatred of George W. Bush does not go poof and turn into a decent legislative program.

However, there are faint signs of hope in the hinterland. Signs that Middle America is getting weary of the extremists on the left and the right, weary of all this crap that polarizes us into red state/blue state stuff.

Maybe in this next round of elections the Hobbits will win back Middle Earth. Oh hell, that was just a fairy tale.

1 comment:

adam H said...

an excellent point. either side of the isle all we get is a bigger and more corrupt government, and i'm starting to think that both these parties are run by the same people. i know i'm planning on voting outside the red and blue lines next time around.

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