Friday, June 15, 2007

Geezer up!

For those of you who are convinced I am going to hell, you may be surprised to learn I have a secret defense. Rev. Jim Hollars is a close personal friend of mine. At the last minute, just before the truck runs over me, I'm going to yell: "Jim. Intercessory prayer. Now!"

Damn. I forgot Jim has Parkinson's. He may not gain traction in time to save me. It's easy to forget Jim has Parkinson's. He's a distance runner committed to intense exercise as part of his cure. Jim is a life-long runner. He's easy to spot in a run. Jim is the 67-year-old completely bald guy with a grin on his face. When he runs today, Jim is not as fast. Not as graceful. But he runs with a helluva lot more heart as he strides to the finish line.
He doesn't quit.

Jim and I are high school classmates. He has spent his life in the trenches with 30 years as a music and youth minister and 14 years as a pastor. Inspirational? What do you think? Check out his blog

For those of you who have told me to go to hell, I also have an advocate. Another high school buddy, Blair Cherry, Jr. He's a retired Judge and retired District Attorney. As such, he is quite conversant with the wages of sin. I figure he's slick enough to get me off for time served.

Blair thinks more than I do. It's tempting to pigeon-hole Blair into a right-wing niche. He is way more conservative than I am. But he is fair in his assessments and is often non-denominational in politics. For years, I would tweak my liberal friends by forwarding them ruminations from Blair (after removing his name and email address). Likewise, I would send him flamers from my more liberal friends. Maybe I am going to hell.

He, too, has just started a blog:

What's the point? The Internet is becoming a Geezer Nation. Blogging isn't just for kids anymore. Seniors represent the fastest growing segment of the Net. We email, we blog, we text, we listen to Lawrence Welk on our Ipods and we search out old sweethearts on the web. Hell, with pacemakers and defibrillators, we've been walking around wireless for years.

We be cool.


The South Plainsman said...

George, I think the statute of limitations has run out on any offense you may have committed. That is one benefit of geezerhood that is underappreciated.

I didn't know Jim was a runner. He wasn't around when we tried to put together a track team at our old high school. A preacher, too. Lordy, there were a surprising number of our schoolmates that did that. Wouldn't have guessed it back then, though.

And there was the part time organ player at the Methodist church that turned out to be the Chancellor of the University of North Carolina, of all places.

Us political types had more fun, I'll bet. See you in that warm spot. LOL

Bradley Wilson said...

You've got too much time on your hands! :-)

Ken Martin said...

Dear George,

You're stuck in the political thinking in which you majored all your life. It isn't who you know that will keep you from going to hell, though I'm quite certain there is no such place (or heaven either). It's my impression that those who believe in such things would say it's not like talking yourself out of a traffic ticket or knowing the right judge. Anyway, you're writing just keeps getting better and better, so keep at it.

Ken Martin

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