Thursday, June 28, 2007

IPhone for older dummies

If you're not hearing this, you obviously haven't purchased your IPhone yet.

Talk about slick!

We bought the geriatric model. For an extra $49.95, we got a port which allows EMS workers to mainline the IV directly into our phone. Or the vodka, whichever comes first.

Mine has a button that automatically re-orders my prescriptions from Canada. I didn't get the option that alerts when immigration agents are nearby. The vibrations messed with my pacemaker.

Yesterday my IPhone went on the fritz and ordered three dozen pairs of white shoes with matching belts. I would have complained but they are so hard to find in my size.

They tell me an upgrade is coming which will set my VCR to tape The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. With all these easy-to-operate improvements, I'll soon be able to cancel my contract with rent-a-kid and be able to set my blinking clocks by myself.

We are giving serious consideration to the garage door option. Maybe next winter.


PS-- we are roaming the North Shore of Lake Superior this week. As you can see, all the fresh air is making me giddy.

PPS -- we heard on the radio that Dick Cheney is no longer a part of the Executive Branch. Talk about good news. We are still rejoicing!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Now if only you can get it to set the clocks and stop that blinking "12:12," life would be extraordinary! -- Denise

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