Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Life in the fast lane

If you are not old enough to know better, you can skip this part. This is about the next level.

All across the country, it is high school graduation time. Dreamtime. College plans. Ambition. True love.

Politicians, preachers and editorial writers lay out challenges for the class of '07. Just as they did when we graduated. My son returned from his reunion grinning with the news that they read my "Challenge to the Class of '87" from an editorial I wrote 20 years ago. Are the thoughts written two decades ago still valid today?
I wonder.

Next month, the Mystery Woman and I travel to yesteryear. Our 50th high school reunion. Monterey High School. Lubbock, Texas.
My, that was fast.

Makes me wonder what someone wrote about in the "Challenge to the Class of '57." Makes me wonder how close we came to meeting those challenges. How good was our vision through the rear-view mirror?

What kind of world did we create? Did we leave enough hope for the Class of '07? Is there enough family structure remaining?

It's not so much about our generation's memories. Rather, it's what we contributed for the next generation.

That's the next level.


Jeff Hebert said...

Do you still have the text of the speech anywhere? I'm sure others like me would love to read it! I actually graduated in 1987 like your son, it would be great to see it.

George Phenix said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I agree with Jeff -- I'd love to read that speech you wrote as well, George!

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