Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Beats hell outta bingo

Although I am perfectly content to take it easy and nurture my inner imp while awaiting surgery, the Mystery Woman is not so blessed. She stays busy.

She spent half a day digging up the day lilies on the north side of the house and replanting them on the south side of the house. It's a thing they do in Minneapolis. I don't know why.

Still not content, she announced, "I'm going to the Lake Street Bridge protest tonight." This, too, is something they do in Minneapolis. For years, a band of protesters has been meeting every Wednesday around supper time to join the anti-war protest.

The protest organizers, mostly old hippies, all seem to know each other. In another life, you suspect they might be playing bingo. Or bowling.

The last time she joined the protesters was a couple of years ago when the Mystery Woman carried a sign protesting the torture at the Abu Ghraib because she was so disheartened. That time, response was mixed from car traffic over the bridge. Obviously, not everyone believed torture was unAmerican. You could measure the reaction in the drivers' faces. Some anger, some confusion, along with some agreement.

This time, the Mystery Woman carried a simple, straightforward sign: Anti-war, Anti-Bush, Anti-Cheney. One guy's sign read: "Libby Knows Too Much."

The sound was nearly deafening as people honked to signal their support. Obviously, the pendulum has swung.

At least on the Lake Street Bridge.

1 comment:

Goose said...

ughhh! Do you think you could get mystery woman to wear a 'support the 2nd amendment t-shirt??

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