Saturday, July 7, 2007

Naive? Probably, but still hoping

Ann Coulter. Michael Moore. Sorry, but I don't think much of either.

She is professionally hateful. He is a cheap-shot artist. Both are polarizing. Both are getting rich at our expense.

Actually, I want to like Michael Moore. More often than not, he and I share political views. But his half-truths and absurd stunts only tend to inflame the faithful rather than set up workable solutions. His BS does not move us forward.

Sadly, they are not alone. In Washington, the Republicans and Democrats continue to blame each other. I'm tired of the show. Enough finger-pointing.

Let's have some genuine leadership. Not one of this nation's problems has a simple solution. The fix for Iraq requires our best thinkers, not political spinmeisters with talking points. Ditto with immigration, Medicare, gas prices, etc. We are wasting not billions, but trillions. And we are running out of time for do-overs.


Anonymous said...

I sometimes wonder if the American people are ready to hear what it will take to fix some of the major problems we have. I think we're ready to do the work, but it's the message people seem to have trouble with swallowing. I know that statement seems odd, but people don't want to hear they have to recycle, yet our recycling bins here are filled each and every week. Teens hear how bad things are, yet they still find time to volunteer their services through their school or their church. It's not in the doing, it's the message. Unfortunately, all of the messengers seem to be wolves in sheep's clothing, and those clothes are both red and blue. -- Denise

The South Plainsman said...

The political class in our country from the entire spectrum of philosophies, has utterly failed us. It would be nice just to have someone...anyone, that would just tell the truth about things instead of trying to spin things one way or the other.

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