Friday, July 20, 2007

She was First Lady of Texas -- First

Everybody has been telling their favorite Lady Bird stories. Here's one that made local news on Channel 8 but may have been overlooked by the networks.

The Channel 8 reporter snagged an interview with the long-term LBJ ranch gardener. The old man was telling how he planted $400 worth of pansies outside Lady Bird's window. The next morning, early, he noticed that the deer had eaten them all. Down to the nubbins. The gardener panicked and called over the secret service agents who had been on duty overnight.

They all panicked.

Finally, the gardener screwed up his courage and fessed up to Lady Bird that the deer had eaten all her new pansies. Slowly, she looked up at all the men, then turned resolutely to the gardner asking: "you got a gun?"

He answered yes he did.

She said "I'll drive, you shoot,"

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Ken Martin said...


You must be feeling better now. Thanks for the laughs.


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