Thursday, July 19, 2007

Show business

Here's my theory -- at this age, no surgery is minor. Having said that, I had minor surgery Tuesday and am resting well, thank you.

Modern pain medicine is pretty good. Around 3:30 this morning, I nudged the Mystery Woman and said, "I'm having difficulty separating drugs from reality. I just have to ask, are we putting on a show?" Her reply: "No, but we can if you want to."

Did I mention modern pain killers?

After a couple of rough days, I'm up and moving about. Walking a block or so. Mending. But I don't really feel chipper enough to blog daily and you don't really want to be entertained by stories from the road back. So I'll catch up from time to time.

Meanwhile, did I mention modern pain killers?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's just nice to know you're on the mend, George. Take it easy, watch daytime TV and then thank your lucky stars you can read and write a newspaper! -- Denise

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