Tuesday, July 24, 2007

YouTube follies

Did you watch the Democratic hopefuls debate last night? I didn't either.

Congrats to YouTube for attempting to liven a rehash of spin and posture. I hope the citizens asking questions were not lulled into thinking their query matters one jot. The unwashed sometimes make that mistake.

From news reports, I gather the program was entertaining but it did not produce any true illumination. Quick: give me one quote from any of the candidates last night.

See what I mean? At this stage of the election, it's just show business.

My plumber summed it up: "What the hell are they debating this early for? The election is next year."

I think I'll fire my plumber as my therapist and retain him full time as a political analyst. He's accustomed to working in that medium.


The South Plainsman said...

I didn't watch it either, but watched a bit of the Fox coverage of their group of Democrats.

It sounded to me like CNN picked a bunch of softballs from the questions presented by Youtube. We will see how they treat the Republicans. I'll bet they aren't softballs, but that's OK.

I noticed "non-candidate" Newt referred to all the other candidates (in both parties) as "pygmies" for taking part in all of these useless "debates." Maybe he is on to something. These guys are going to wear us all out far too early.

Anonymous said...

Politics is gettin krazy!!! If I could get my Whirlpool to spin as fast as the politicians do,wash time would be reduced to seconds.
Now I know why I quit doing anything political but voting.----


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