Friday, August 3, 2007

Bridge disaster political posturing in very bad taste

It took less than a day for the disaster to turn political. Less than a day!

Bush cut the Democrats for failing to pass the annual transportation spending bill. Democrats accused the White House of underfunding the nation's needs. Congressman Barney Frank whined about war spending vs. domestic spending.

Goddammit, we still have dead people trapped underwater. Can't we at least get them out before this finger-pointing begins. Have our politicians become so insensitive that they prefer partisan battles -- on everything? Let the victim recovery get done. Let our people grieve.

Politicians in need of sensitivity training should read Nick Coleman's column in today's Minneapolis StarTribune. He loves the Twin Cities and it shows in his work. Warning: the newspaper site loads slow.

Politicians should listen to the quiet voices of the emergency workers who held vigil with the dying. They (we) don't give a damn about your political posturing right now.

Sure. It's going to boil down to spending priorities. Estimates to fix the nation's bridges run as high as a trillion and a half. But until we get the people out of the water, just back off.



Anonymous said...

Very well said!

Lisa Bowers

Anonymous said...

I am certain the citizens of the Twin Cities are comforted by the visit of "W", given the outstanding job he did in making New Orleans whole. He should stay the hell away!

Anonymous said...

Never before have so many said so much about everything being the presidents fault. I am not happy about everything he has done but to place the blame for New Orleans and now the bridge collapse on his "leadership" is like blaming George Phenix for letting Ruby shoot Oswald. After all he was there!!
The people of this country need to hitch up their britches and rely on their work ethics rather than think everything is the governments responsibility, no matter who is President

The South Plainsman said...

Got to agree with the old geezer about the politics. I just emailed him a bit about the Democratic Senator from Minnesota who seems to think its Bush's fault, as well. Its stupid to try to asses blame on politicians. Most I know have no knowledge of engineering.

Also have to agree with anonymous.

Let's get the people out and fix the bridge. Political posturing in this situation is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I was talking to my daughter, who lives in England, just before I opened your blog. She was asking what was happening in the aftermath of this disaster. I told her that rescue workers were trying to uncover the bodies of the missing, and policitians were trying to cover their asses.

Goddammit indeed.

opit said...

If this was an isolated incident, one could think it unfair to consider the political watusi as responsible. I'm an outlander who is shaking his head over various infrastructure and preparedness evaluations : though our government is showing no better result. Talk is not only cheap, if it only consists of platitudes the end result will be bitter indeed.
Excuse me if I find no reason to think money spent abroad on unsuccessful endeavours ( except as a source for graft )could not have been used at home to better effect.
Unfair ? NOLA is not as ready for a storm as it was before Katrina. It is not alone in coastal concerns.

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