Monday, August 6, 2007

Geezer bloggers -- run!

Back in February, when I started writing this blog, Technorati said they were tracking 50 million blogs.

By April, the number had grown to 70 million.

There are now approximately 87 million blogs in the world. That's just today.

According to Technorati, my blog ranks 789,000th. Mom! Guess what? I came in 789,000th.

Fifty million, seventy million, eighty-seven million. Incredible numbers that give rise to incredible fortunes. For example, Facebook is a relatively new online social networking site which has just been valued at $6 billion (with a B). That's the same money neighborhood that Rupert Murdoch just paid for the Wall Street Journal.

Confession: I barely understand how to turn my computer on/off. Nor do I care. Were it not for my technical advisers (my son and my son-in-law), this blog would exist only in my heart.

I write because I enjoy writing. Just like I enjoy reading. Moreover, I encourage everyone, especially geezers, to give blogging a go. This is a very satisfying past-time. Keeps the mind active and the butt planted.

And I thank you for reading this blog. Tell your friends about it. My new goal is to snatch the 788,999th position.



Anonymous said...

You've got your math wrong.with less than a millionth place you are close to the top of the heap.
When people ask me where I placed in school, I tell them that I was in the top 98%. most can't figure out that there were at least 97% ahead of me.
Hang in there champ. You'll get that elusive 798,00 figure at some point.----Goose

Anonymous said...

Actually, 789,000 out of 87 million is pretty damn good.

The South Plainsman said...

Just don't let it go to your head......

opit said...

When the numbers start to pile up the results can be startling. It's all a matter of exposure and aggregating a profile : almost like shooting at a target of gumbo with gumbo.The bigger it gets, the more it's hit, the faster it grows.

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