Saturday, August 4, 2007

Give it a rest

Ahh. It is raining in the Twin Cities. At last, this parched mid-western patch of America is getting some rain.

We need it to replenish our soil -- and our souls.

All morning, we've heard the thump of helicopters over the collapsed bridge on I35W. Maybe it's the President. Undoubtedly, the rain will hamper recovery efforts, but those folks need a break, too. Just stand at the banks of the river. It's OK today.

For me, today will be different. I'm going to sit on the screened porch and listen to the rain. Soothing, gentle rain.

Hmmm. My mind wanders over the people I love. It's a good place to go. I'm thankful for having one more day with thoughts of each of them.

We are here. Safe. Wake up, honey. Coffee's ready.

Even though I am retired, I rarely pause to appreciate the every day stuff. I think I'll start today by appreciating a brownie instead of Metamucil.

A little classical music? No. The sound of the rain is classic enough.

But the rain is only flirting with us.

More, please.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

George, you made me cry. What a poignant message you had for us today. Thank you. -- Denise

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