Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mumble, mumble, grin, grin

It's subtle, but you can already see signs of winter in Minneapolis.

Already, Craig's List is filling with ads for snowmobiles. And there's a big mark-down on convertibles. I just learned that many people rent barn space to store their convertibles for the winter up here. Otherwise, the weight of the snows would cave in the car top.

File that tidbit. It goes along with the revelation that Texans who have vinyl seat covers in their vehicles don't wear short britches in the summer.

Leaves are beginning to turn on the neighbor's tree. Hope it's the first signs of Fall. Could be the drought. We need rain. Crops are failing across the state but you can still find sweet corn at the farmers markets.

The Mystery Woman is already talking of packing things we need to take to Austin. Sure, honey, the china will make the trip just fine.

People are eating more salmon. I think it's a hold-over from their Norwegian ancestors to insulate themselves against the cold. You bet'cha. That's Minnesotan for "Damn straight."

In just a few weeks, we'll be wearing sweaters as we sit on the screened porch to read the morning paper.

Winter's coming. But locals tell me to expect one more heat spell -- usually timed to parallel the State Fair. I love the Minnesota State Fair, or the Great Minnesota Get-Together as they call it. Among other things, this fair is famous for food-on-a-stick. Any kind of food. This year, we are told the featured food will be Sloppy Joe on-a-stick. What, me skeptical? You bet'cha.

Hopefully, I'll recover from the recent surgery enough to manage a few bicycle rides before we return to Texas. This is truly bike-friendly country. The Grand Rounds is 50 miles of paved bike trails only six blocks from our front door. We would like to ride down to the site of the 35W bridge collapse and pay our respects.

All of this is a long mumble to say we hope you can kick back and enjoy the weekend. We intend to. Just as soon as we finish this coffee.


Jeff Hebert said...

One of the girls at work wanted to open a restaurant called "Food on a Stick", whose entire menu would feature -- you guessed it -- food on a stick.

Another guy at work came up with the idea of "Fried Beer on a Stick". They can do it with Coke, why not beer?

As you can see, I used to work with some pretty strange people.

Ken Martin said...

I thought you and the Mystery Woman were in Minnesota to escape the heat in Texas. If so, don't head back this way too soon. The five-day forecast for Austin predicts temps in the high nineties. It may even hit a hundred this weekend. Though we'd like to see you back down here, you might want to enjoy the cool a bit longer before you finish packing.

George Phenix said...
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Laura Burns said...

Thought of buying an extra set of dishes?

Anonymous said...

Anybody who can't survive a few months of cool weather in Minnesota, can'tsurvive tha warm temperatures down here. The heat index as I type is only 115.
Buy a jacket!! Goose

Anonymous said...

Well, Jeff, you will be reassured to know the people who came up with the fried Twinkies on a stick are patting themselves on the back. In order to address people's fears about fried food on a stick, they want the public to know they only use the good kind of oil to fry those babies in, not the kind of oil that could clog up your arteries. Whew. Gooey white stuff and cake outside are still intact. That newsworth event was reassuring to know, just as it was that they announced their next foray into the fried food on a stick industry -- fried Oreo cookies. Same concept as the Twinkie -- dip it in batter and deep fry it. Yum Yum. Now George, do they have that kind of ingenuity above the Mason-Dixon line? On another hot note, the signs of summer are definitely here -- I can't breathe when I go outside, my flip flops stick to the pavement because they're literally melting into the asphalt and the leaves are starting to fall off the trees, but only from dehydration. Ah, summer in Texas. Take care as you recoup from surgery! -- Denise

lisa dunn said...

Just a quick introduction from a fellow Minnesotan. Stumbled upon your blog, and wanted to laugh...and cry.

Not winter yet!

I see you're here from TX, but this summer has been so unbearable I've been in summer-AC-hibernation!

Looking forward to fall.

George Phenix said...

When it comes to Minnesota winters, include me out. Texas summers, ditto.

We enjoy living in both places, even if we do have to race with the sun twice yearly.

Anonymous said...

Kudos on yet another great read, Mr. Phenix.

The delirium caused by heat exhaustion just makes the summers in Austin all the more fun. I suspect it is why Willie Nelson loves it here.

[/listens to "American Remains"on the "Highwayman" album]

s.l.d. cowen

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