Friday, August 31, 2007

Mystery Woman is a Phenologist--you knew?

They take their weather serious in Minnesota. How serious?

Fist fights have been know to break out in an effort to settle which TV station has the better meteorologist.

Remember earlier I told you Minneapolis has a weather man, Paul Douglas at WCCO, who quotes Thoreau and Whitman?

And when Belinda Jensen announced she was pregnant, well, I tell you. The Mystery Woman and I favor newcomer Sven Sundgaard. He speaks the local dialect.

Well, the other station has moved the competition to a new level. At the State Fair, KARE 11 is selling weather calendars so loaded with info they come with their own Glossary.

The calendar is 59 pages and is so heavy it's a three-holer (for nails). Fifty-nine pages for only twelve months?

For weather nerds, this is the Rosetta Stone. At fifteen bucks, the calendar is a bargain. If you can't get to the Fair, order yours on-line. Be sure to specify 2008. No, I do not get a commission.

I don't care if you think me to be a total nerd. Not when it comes to weather. I grew up in Lubbock, or Baja Oklahoma, where the wind comes whistling from the plains. Tornado watching was considered teenage fun before TV finally came to town. It's only natural that I became a weather nerd.

Thanks to this calendar, the Mystery Woman has learned she is a phenologist. Naturally, I'm the chief phenologist in our house. (Phenix, get it?) Or at least she lets me think I am.

Phenology? Look it up. I'm not going to do all the work.


Ken Martin said...

Dear George,

Why must you make your readers do all the work? If all you've got to do is watch the grass grow (the watching-of-budding part of phenology) or birds arrive and depart (the other part), then you could at least make it easier on those of us who want to spend time with you, cyberspace-wise if you're not available in person, by spelling out what you mean.

Ken Martin

Anonymous said...

What the heck is a phenologist? I do know that you totally missed the use of the paper used in the calendar. Have you been gone from Texas so long that you have forgotten that a 3 holer is an outhouse for the gathering of the minds.-----Goose

Sharon L. said...

I hate to tell you this, but the comments to your blog are better than
your blog entry some days.

George Phenix said...

I know. That's part of what makes this fun.

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