Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Our JFK book goes to third printing

This is my A-material.

I was a skinny, 24-year-old reporter at KRLD-Radio/TV in Dallas when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963.

I had been hired only six weeks before, straight out of journalism school, and was likely the greenest reporter in town.

Four of us who were part of the news team that covered the tragedy have written a book about our on-the-job experiences. For example, Jack Ruby was standing right next to me as he stepped out of the crowd and shot Lee Harvey Oswald. I got film of Ruby shooting Oswald.

Our publisher just printed the third hardcover edition of our book, When the News Went Live.

Plus, our new paperback goes to print within the next two days, and it appears that Rowman will get the paperback on the shelves by mid-October, in time for the Sixth Floor Museum's November 1 paperback release. The four of us will present the kick-off event at the Museum's month-long commemoration of the JFK murder. Hope to see you there.

You can buy the book on Amazon for sixteen bucks and change.

We've lost more money than we've made with this book. But that's not why we wrote the book in the first place. We wrote it for history and, hopefully, for journalism schools.

Ask me what I think about Oliver Stone. He ought to be horse-whipped.

Today, more than 75 percent of Americans believe there was more to the murder of President John F. Kennedy than was documented in the Warren Commission Report. Seventy-five percent! And that's due, in large part, to Stone's unfounded assumptions in his twisted film, "JFK." What an injustice to history.

In the first national poll taken after the assassination, the majority of Americans trusted the findings of the Warren Commission. But after 43 years of pounding by conspiracy theorists, that trust has seriously eroded.

Now comes a new book 20 years in the making, 1,612 pages thick, and expensive at $49.95, which proves Oswald did it. Already, conspiracy junkies are lining up to shoot down this new research tool. No surprise.

Buy the book. Read it. Take your time. Then make up your mind.

I can't quite get my head around what I'm about to say next because the subject is just too big for my small brain. But it goes something like this:

America is getting dumbed down. The rich are getting super rich while the middle-class and poor people are allowing themselves to be whipped into a non-thinking boobs easily manipulated by spin-doctors and mugs who shout on television.

Nobody trusts the news anymore. So fewer people read. Nobody trusts government. So we elect power-driven politicians rather than folks who stand on principle.

"Oh, the bloggers will fill the vacuum." I call BS on that one. Some bloggers actually do original reporting and reach spectacular success. But the vast majority of the 94,000,000 blogs are opinion pieces, family stuff, humor -- like this one.

Buy the guy's book. "Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy" by Vincent Bugliosi.

Buy our book,too. If you have already purchased ours, thanks.


Anonymous said...

Gige: I cannot stand it any longer, and decided to post a comment. If 75% believe that there was a conspiciary, that means that 100% of the democrats believe it and 100% of the independents also agree. That leaves only the 25% of us hard working republicans that agree with the Warren Commision. Love you.

Ken Martin said...

I won't get into the proof or lack thereof for anyone's theories about the JFK assassination but I will comment on the dumbing down of America. I'll take Austin city elections as an example. I've tracked election participation as a percentage of registered voters over a period of more than three decades and found that the mayor elected in 1971, Roy Butler, got more total votes than any mayor elected since--despite the fact that the population is now about three times what it
was in 1971. People don't participate in democracy. Our typical council elections draw a turnout of less than 10 percent.

William Greider addressed the decline in The Soul of Capitalism: Opening Paths to a Moral Economy (Simon & Schuster, 2003). He says that this stems from the way people are treated in the workplace. "As power is presently distributed, workplaces are factories of authoritarianism polluting our democracy. Citizens cannot spend eight hours a day obeying orders and being shut out of important decisions affecting them, and then be expected to engage in a robust, critical dialogue about he structure of our society." (p. 52). I heard Greider speak on this topic in Austin and I must agree with his thesis. He does put forth ideas for changing things but I won't elaborate here.

For my part, I will continue to write and publish material for the educated public in our magazine, The Good Life ( We're celebrating our tenth anniversary with the September edition, so the fact that we've survived this long in a competitive marketplace says to me there are enough people interested in reading
and caring about the problems here in Austin. Maybe I'm shoveling shit against the tide but I'm going to keep shoveling.

Keep writing, George!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Gige! Now do we believe the Warren Commission about it's rush to judgement or do we believe a guy that tries to convince us that a book going into its 3rd has not made any money!! if the latter is true, then I want to be your publisher.He's making money!! ----Goose

Janice said...

George -- No one trusts the news anymore because all you get are bubbleheads
(male and female), ambulance chasers, and worshipers at the altar of celebrity. Maintstream news puts out no real news.

No one trusts government because the Republicans, who have been in power for
the past several years, have consistently run against government. They have denuded the bureacracy, run a war that even Paul Harvey says was "scripted by Gilbert and Sullivan", and systematically eliminated the ability of the
government to do anything useful.
Other than that, I'm not pissed off at all.

The South Plainsman said...

You might all recognize Vince Bugliosi. He gained fame many years ago as the prosecutor of the Manson Family, and the writer of the book about the murders.

As a trained prosecutor, he has the ability to examine the evidence critically and come to the right conclusion about it. If he says Oswald did it, and acted alone, then I will believe it. Of course, I already do, based upon my reading of the Warren Commission Report.

My only real question from the beginning was whether one guy with that kind of rifle could get off those shots that quickly and accurately. I have a good friend who is a big game hunter, and an expert on that sort of thing, that assured me that it would be easy for anyone with training to do it. With all the other evidence, that settled it for me. I'm not sure that at my advanced age I could get through that many pages, though, so I probably won't buy that book.

I liked Janice's reference to the quote about the war as being scripted by Gilbert and Sullivan. Good shot. Since Rummy left the scene, things have picked up a bit.

I will say that the Republicans took office after a Democrat turned the White House into a happy hunting ground for himself. We can't all be perfect. LOL

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