Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sex and politics

This is the second-best political story I've heard. Short, to the point.

A Minnesota state senator opined that workers should be able to take a sick day by calling in horny. He was a great American.

Next story, same theme.

A Texas solon was about to be propositioned by the tipsy wife of the local newspaper publisher. She was an attractive woman.

But I decided this was the time I should earn my paycheck. He and I had never discussed anything like this, but I jumped right in. "You can't do it," I said. "She the publisher's wife, she's a Republican and someday it will bite you in the ass."

He looked startled. But only for a moment. Then his eyes took on a strange glint.
"OK, he said, "you do it and then tell me about it!"

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Anonymous said...

--For the good of the country-----
George, You hero,you!!!--- Gooose

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