Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sex: the new senior moment

Researchers have discovered what the rest of us knew all along: people like sex no matter how old they are. Yup. Sorta gives a new definition to "going like sixty." My son Steven calls it geezer-gasms.

It gets better.

Rather than get married, many senior couples are shacking up.

Full disclosure: the Mystery Woman and I are on the cutting edge of this paradigm shift. We're not married.

And we're not alone. The perverts in the Census Bureau say the number of seniors living without benefit of clergy had doubled in the last decade. And that's before the Baby Boomers give themselves permission.

Geezers cite several reasons for living together. At the top of the list: possible loss of pension and medical coverage. In our case, Medicaid was the motivating engine. Each of us has enough health issues and just enough real estate that we simply had to consider consequences of long-term illness causing bankruptcy. Cheesy, perhaps, but practical.

We think it adds a little sizzle.


Anonymous said...

Fed policy encourages shacking. We have been together 10 plus years and never married because....she's a retired school teacher and a widow. She get's her departed's SS, which is much much higher than what she'd get based on her schoolteacher benefits. If we married she would lose it.

Jeff Hebert said...

We're in the weird position of our government making marriage between older consenting heterosexual couples almost as impossible as they'd like it to be for gays to do the same.

If marriage is important enough to propose a constitutional amendment keeping gays out of it, surely it's worth at least a proposal to change how health care and property issues work for older Americans who want to tie the knot.

Maybe they're applying the same Viet-Nam/Iraq/FEMA/Federal Government "We have to destroy it to save it" idea to marriage ...

Anonymous said...

I thought sex came after feve and before sivin.I still look longingly at my wife. ---I just don't remember why! Goose

Mason County Native said...

We've been married a little over 50 years and we can still remember how....LOL

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