Thursday, August 16, 2007

What's next, synchronized snoring?

We finally did it. The Mystery Woman and I made the Big Commitment. We bought matching recliner chairs, albeit without benefit of clergy.

As we sat in chairs for the first time with the blue tint of the TV flickering softly throughout the semi-darkened room, we were both struck by the same thought:"My god, what have we done?"

Such hesitation is normal, according to older, wiser friends. After all, it is a long-term commitment. So, with little fanfare, we cut away the tags that read, "Do not remove under penalty of law." There was no turning back.

I suppose the first hint that something was brewing came when we put her pill box to the right of the sink, mine to the left. Question: does that count as foreplay?

Maybe now is when I should confess I was apprehensive earlier in the year when I found my worst nightmare had come true. It was at an outdoor arts and crafts fair and the wind was still a bit chilly. Airish.

The Mystery Woman and her mom were shopping inside the antique store and there I was -- sitting on a bench outside the entrance wearing tube socks and a gimme cap, holding a shivering Dachshund inside my Eisenhower jacket to keep it warm. The dog was getting lots of action. Perfect strangers thought we were cute and kept putting their hands inside my jacket to pet the dog. Ambiance R Us.

Matching recliners. I knew it would lead to this. I just knew it.

But still, the chairs are kinda nice.


DISCLAIMER: the Mystery Woman wants it known that the chairs are small and stylish and not the big puffy ones that are difficult to get out of.

They did, however, replace gliders.


Anonymous said...

If you had put the pill bottles on the same side of the sink,I'm afraid that you both would be sunk.However you blew the whole relationship when you cut off those "do not remove---" tags.Should have stopped with the pill bottles and tv---Goose

The South Plainsman said...

My bride and I bought a couple of nice recliners a year ago, and put them in front of our new large screen hdtv that was bought at the same time. There is hardly anything in the world better than watching college football on the new TV while relaxing in that recliner....unless it is taking an afternoon nap in the same.

Anonymous said...

I am very proud of you and the "mystery woman" to agree on such a very nice benefit to getting to the senior side of life. Great move on the purchase of the recliners. I recommend that you take them south for the winter.
Your old pal.

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