Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Would W. C. Fields drink bottled water?

"I never drink water. Fish f**k in it." -- W.C. Fields.

Maybe he would think differently had he lived long enough to witness the bath America is taking in the bottled water phenom.

Americans take bottled water everywhere they go. But we are finally figuring out the cost. Eight glasses a day could cost you as much as $1,400 annually if you sip from the portable plastic bottles. From the tap, a mere 49 cents. From the tap? Hell, that's where much of the bottled water comes from in the first place.

Environmental costs are staggering. Read the editorial in today's NY Times.

Who would have ever thought bottled water would be such a big hit? And such a big problem. If they start selling bottled air, I'm leaving.


Anonymous said...

I try to avoid drinking bottled water and reading the NY Times

ArchGrafiX said...

I don't buy or drink bottled water, either, except in odd, almost emergency, circumstances. If I go somewhere where I think I'll need water, I freeze some tap water in a suitable used jug and drink it as it melts, or use it to help keep a cooler contents cold.

Bottled water costs more than vehicle fuel, an absurd concept to me. And all those errant plastic BOTTLES! ACKKK! When cars run on electrolyzed water (hydrogen+oxygen = fuel+accellerant) we can all drink the tailpipe byproduct -- more WATER! I'd let it cool first, though. I wish the engineers and government would hurry up on that...

-- Buddy

opit said...

Never hear of an oxygen bar ?

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