Sunday, September 23, 2007

AARP and sex

Stay with me. This first item is about AARP and geriatric sex.

AARP has an annual budget around $878 million in revenue. Of that amount, the federal government chips in $83 million through a wide variety of grants. Since 1989, AARP has raked in over one billion in taxpayer money.

Doesn't that sound like a good screwing to you?


This year, America will spend an estimated $275 billion on prescription drugs. Within a decade, that number is expected to grow to nearly $500 billion.

On average, brand-name drugs cost three times more than generic meds.

Good news: spending on generics is now 63 percent of U.S. prescriptions.That's up 13 percent in 2006, compared with 2005.

Wal-Mart is getting into the act. Currently the Big Chain carries only 350 discounted generics. Next year, 2,400 generics will be available to its employees. Can a similar deal for consumers be far behind?

No matter. I will not shop at Wal-Mart. More about that later.


Speaking of getting old, the 82-year-old boxing ring at Madison Square Gardens has been retired and is going to the International Boxing Hall of Fame. It will be replaced with a slightly larger ring. The only part of the old ring they'll keep is the brass bell.


Fess up. You've always wanted to live in a houseboat on the Mississippi. Now comes a St. Paul developer who wants to build a $90 million ship of condos that would travel the 6,000 miles of inland waterways. On board planned amenities include theaters, beauty salon, grocery, restaurant, deli and fitness center. Next stop: New Orleans.

Mark. Twain.

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Anonymous said...

Funny you should ask. The fabulous government drug plan for those on medicare has gone over with a thud.
Of course one of the reasons might just be that it is worthless to a large number of taxpayers.
the prescriptions my wife take for her chronic lung disease are not covered by the drug plan. I pay around $160.00 per WEEK for her meds. The government wants us to pay $68.00 per month EACH to participate in their plan My prescriptions cost about $25.00 per month.My wifes scripts are not covered by the plan, so that would be $68.00 per month out the window. One of my prescriptions is covered but if I participated I would be in the hole $$63.00 per month. What's wrong with that picture?
Perhaps we should just go on welfare and wait for hours each month to get our prescriptions at the local welfare hospital.
What would we do without AARP and the government????? Goose

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