Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Potpourri -- AARP, patooie

These things have been on my mind lately. Quick, before I forget them:

-- Texas has passed a new law making it tougher for older people to get on the road. Good. Driving is a huge responsibility. I would suggest even more people would stop driving if we had decent public transportation. And, I could have saved the state time and research. You know it's time to turn in your driver's license if you look in the driveway and there's a 1989 Buick parked out there.

-- We went for a ride down the Mississippi in a houseboat over the holiday weekend. I never knew they made so many two-story boats. What a hoot. Off the subject, sorta. Research shows that most male drowning victims are recovered with their zippers down. No, they were not thinking of a Senate run in Idaho; they stood up in the bow to answer nature's call and fell overboard. Blame booze.

-- Did you notice how fast the gays and lesbians jumped Jerry Lewis for saying "faggot" during his MD Telethon, and how fast he apologized. Lesson learned. We need someone like that who will kick butt every time older people are ridiculed. AARP, are you listening?

-- I finally found the perfect guy to give AARP some much-needed muscle. He's 59-year-old former linebacker Mike Flynt, who just made the football squad at Sul Ross in West Texas. That is not a typo.

In closing, I would like to plaigerize the guy who sent an angry letter to Abe Lincoln: "You will hear more from me when I am ready."


Ken Martin said...

Dear George,

Regarding the stricter Texas laws to screen older drivers when they renew their licenses: Years ago we published a story in The Good Life magazine about the difficult situation faced by families and older drivers when the family thinks it's time for mom or dad to stop driving. The memorable line in the story was that among the ladies in retirement homes, the most popular guys are not the ones with a viagra prescription--it's the guys who still have car keys.

Anonymous said...

Geezer- zone of the hardest things for the elderly is to have give up their mobility.My mother is 97 and the worst thing to happen to her,was not her severe stroke,but having to give up driving.I went with her when she was 85 to a little community north of the HUB CITY and she drove. I prayed hard during that trip.
I looked over at the speedometer and she was driving her AGE and was totally unaware of it until I brought it to her attention.
I nearly met my maker when the State of Texas sent her renewal license in the mail with no testing of any kind.
I hate that she had her stroke,but I also wonder how many she could have injured or even killed if she had kept driving.
---- Goose

The South Plainsman said...

Goose, my mother was 87 and still driving on the highway. Scared me to death. Even after she had her first stroke, she insisted that she could drive. I told her that her DL had expired and the state would not issue a new one, and hired someone to drive her where she wanted to go. Before her stroke, she would not have stood still for that.

She had fewer wrecks in her life than my daughter did the year she turned 16.

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