Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sen. Larry Craig no laughing matter

Mention U. S. Sen. Larry Craig and "get a rope!" is the knee-jerk reaction.

I am not gay. I am not Republican. I'm positive. But I have voted for both.

And I hope I am not a hypocrite.

For the record, I dislike Sen. Craig. But he deserves his day in court. Lawyer friends (is that an oxymoron?) tell me what he did in that bathroom stall is not illegal.

Had the Senator contacted an attorney at the time, he might have beaten the rap.

Probably too late now. At least in the court of public opinion. But aren't you surprised at how his own Republican party attacked and then abandoned the man?

Hypocrites abound, on the left and the right. I believe Sen. Craig is a hypocrite, too, when it comes to his stance on family values and gay rights.

Damn. It was very difficult to write this without giving in to the temptation to join the line-up of cheap laughs, double meanings, etc.

But equal justice for all means just that.


The South Plainsman said...

There are a couple of things one needs to be aware of in the Craig mess. First, I think you are right that there was no law violated, if all of the facts have come forward. The conduct was unwise, but not criminal. Second, Craig is a United States Senator, and obviously was aware of his rights and the consequences of his plea of guilty. He was not some poor ignorant kid who was taken advantage of by the police.

Like you, I am not gay. I have been a Democarat and a Republican over the years, but now really consider myself niether. My loyalty is to my family and my country, and not to some group of political interests.

The Republicans, I suspect, dropped Sen. Craig like a hot potato because his conduct in the bathroom, or something like it, had probably occurred on other occasions, but had not become public. That may not be the case, but it is a distinct possibility.

I do not think that the Republicans treated Craig nearly as badly as the Democrats treated Senator Lieberman. What he ought to do is caucus with the Republicans and cost the Demos their majority.

Lastly, you are right about equal justice for all. Our Constitution provide that all of our citizens shall be treated equally under the law, whether gay or striaght, minority or majority, or young or old. Everyone is the same under the law. That is why I seriously question whether additional rights should be carved out benefiting any subgroup of the whole. Such would only serve to reduce the rights of the remainder.

Anonymous said...

You have to remember that the Republican party has become the party of wimps. They have let the Dems and their weasel buddies (ie Move on .org,ADA, NOW and NAACP.)
stand on the throat of responsibilty for so long that they probably felt that a strong denouncement of Craig would make them look as though they had regained some of the lost spinal column that they surrendered when Clinton was elected President.
In the words of that famous sage,GBDaniel,"never have so many cowered at the feet of so few."

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