Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Teachers like first day of school, too

Today is the first day of school in Minneapolis. And the neighborhood takes on a renewed vibrancy. We live three houses from an elementary school and the joy of recess period reaches our living room when the windows are open.

Is there a law that says school bus gear boxes have to grind?

Guess who has the most trouble getting to sleep the night before opening day? According to the teachers, it's teachers. They get so excited that several group up and just go to the movies since they're going to be wide awake anyway.

The first day of school, retired teachers sometimes meet at the coffee shop for breakfast out of habit. They like seeing each other and miss the hustle of first day of classes whether they will admit it or not.

Here's a secret: Teachers like Happy Hour on Fridays.

I owe my journalism career to teachers. In the fifth grade, Hampton D. Anderson encouraged me to publish a two-page school newspaper. As I graduated from high school, Ms. Dick Cozby surprised me with a $200 Rotary Club scholarship, which got me into Texas Tech. Funny, we only knew her by her married name. Such was the style back then. Never knew her first name.

When I transferred to the University of Texas (following the Mystery Woman who had escaped a year earlier), my editing lab professor, Mr. Lee, told me I would never make it in journalism because I had a dirty mind. I wrote a column in the Daily Texan for married students called "Old Wives Tail." Mr. Lee was just mad that it took him a year and a half to catch my little snicker.

Anyhow, each of us owes a bunch to teachers. So here's to them. Clink!


The South Plainsman said...

I'm just surprised you didn't become a gynecologist.

Anonymous said...

All of my friends who became teachers swear by the therapy of a good margarita at happy hour.

"Tail." [/snickers]

South Plainsman:

I think avoiding the gynecological profession has less to do with the good and more to do with the bad and the ugly.

s.l.d. cowen

The South Plainsman said...

Leaving the medical profession aside, I taught school for a year back in the middle 1960's. I was not qualified to teach save by a good education, but it was a private school, so I didn't have to be qualified. Taught 7th and 8th grade social studies and coached the jr. hi football and track teams. I also had the 7th grade homeroom. It was absolutely the most fun I have had in my adult life until I retired.

Anonymous said...

I knew that we had common ground and I am happy to find out that love of teachers is one of them. The public school teachers are usually underpaid, not appreciated, and overworked. I was rolling along in high school my junior year taking the mandatory general science, commonly referred to by the other students as "idiot science". The teacher that I was assigned was the regular physics teacher, Mr. Watts, or as you might suspect nicknamed "Sparky Watts". To keep this story short, he insisted that I deviate from my shortcut ways and take physics my senior year. I did, and he insisted my senior year that I should study engineering in college. I listened, complied, and in later years went back and thanked him for being such a wonderful influence on my life. Thanks to all of the teachers who are reading this and for all that you do for our civilization.

Anonymous said...

A few years after graduating from high school,I was invited to my old high school to give a little speech.
I was told later that they had to talk three of my former teachers out of jumping off the roof,because they thought I was coming back.
I never thought of being a gynecologist because I couldn't spell it back then.

Anonymous said...

I sure remember Ms. Wiley, English, and D.M. Howell, Drama. Mr. Howell was so grumpy I knew better than to ever show up later at Monterey to thank him. He would've just said, "And who are you?" Didn't matter. I remember him.

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