Thursday, September 13, 2007

Too old to drive?

This won't win me any friends: Don't coddle older drivers.

You've read that most automobile accidents happen within a few miles of home? Well, most older drivers forsake cross-town freeways in favor of neighborhood streets. Correlation?

So how do you know when you're too old to drive? Oh, you know all right but you just won't admit it. But you know. Here's a quick test: Look in your driveway (or front curb) -- is there a 1990 or older Buick parked there? You get my drift.

Giving up your car often creates hardship, so plan ahead.

You may have to move. Figure out where you go the most often and move near those places or near a bus line. You don't need all that space in the family home anyway. Dust bin.

But it will be so expensive, you say. Listen old friend, that paid-for jalopy still costs you money. Figure out what you spend annually on maintenance, insurance, oil and gasoline. That paid-up car still costs you thousands of dollars. You can ride lots of taxi cabs for the same money or less. In many cities, cab drivers work the same zone every day and they get to know you and your schedule. Fringe benefit.

Driving a car is a huge responsibility. You are making life or death decision all the time you are behind the wheel. Let that sink in -- life or death decisions.

Show the wisdom that allegedly accompanies age and hang up your keys when it's time.

Copy, paste -- send to Gramps.


Anonymous said...

You have an excellent point, bet's not forget that the leading cause of death among teens are automobile accidents. Plenty of people are too young, too old, too drunk, too tired, too distracted, and too busy talking/texting to drive.

Also, if you see an IROC Camaro in your driveway or a small japanese car with a spoiler a third the size of the car, you should not drive.

Copy, paste-- send to kids, meth heads, and half of everyone on the road.

I love the Pickle stories, by the way.

-s.l.d. cowen

Anonymous said...

That "bet's" in the first line was intended to be "but let's."

I guess I was inventing words... or commenting unproofed. Heh.


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