Monday, October 22, 2007

Democrats prefer designated hitters

I've always read esoteric stuff, which explains my hero worship of L. M. Boyd. And now the Internet -- and retirement -- set me free.

Check out these jewels.

This is a good tout. Go to Improbable Research to lean back, relax and enjoy some wacky research projects.

Example: “The Etiology of Public Support for the Designated Hitter Rule,” Christopher Zorn and Jeff Gill,Quarterly Journal of Political Science, vol. 2, 2007, pp. 189-203. The authors explain:
Since its introduction in 1973, major league baseball’s designated hitter (DH) rule has been the subject of continuing controversy. Here, we investigate the political and socio-demographic determinants of public opinion toward the DH rule, using data from a nationwide poll conducted during September 1997. Our findings suggest that it is in fact Democrats, not Republicans, who tend to favor the DH. In addition, we find no effect for respondents’ proximity to American or National League teams, thougholder respondents were consistently more likely to oppose the rule.

Tout Number Two: check out the Utne Reader to learn stuff about international opinions such as: "Less religious countries tend to be more economically developed than religious ones. The two big exceptions? Kuwait and the United States."

While you are there, read the message in munchies. Learn why popcorn makes you more appealing than tortilla chips.

Last tout: can't find a hotel room in NYC? Pitch a tent in Times Square. "Be prepared" is the first rule of camping. But when you're camping in the middle of a city, preparation requires creativity. With the right gear, urban campers have been able to bed down in downtown Baltimore and even in the middle of New York City's Times Square. One specialized piece of technical equipment suggested by Web Urbanist is a car-shaped tent, so campers can mask themselves as a parked car and claim a parking space as a personal camp ground. -- Brendan Mackie


The South Plainsman said...

Why don't you syndicate this stuff? It would be an entirely new career for you. We need another L. M. Boyd.

I will make no snide remarks about Democrats and designated hitters, although some come to mind.

Bill Mercer said...

I am a Democrat and still don't like the DH rule. Also I am one of the older folks who disagree. But what a comeback by Boston...without the DH supplying anything in the last two games. Should be a good Series.

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