Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fake news is serious business

So. It has come to this. Fake news is gunning down real news. Anybody surprised?

The Onion is the model for success among America's newspapers. Meanwhile, The Daily Show and the Colbert Report are chewing up network news.

How is it these fake news outlets connect with audiences that are being fragmented by the Internet? And why aren't journalism gurus smart enough to take note? The Onion is surprisingly old fashioned in design and production. And The Onion is bigger than the Denver Post, the ninth largest circulation print newspaper in America. Yet the newspaper also thrives in the parallel world of the Internet with over 2 million hits per week. All without pandering via on-line gimmicks designed to seduce the reader into thinking he or she is actually a participant in the process.

Meanwhile, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are on their way to becoming national treasures with their nightly zings directly into the heart of phony politicians. The very antidote for pomposity.

Read Greg Beato's treatise on this phenom in reasononline. Fascinating insights.

“Heroic PETA Commandos Kill 49, Save Rabbit.” And that's the way it is.


Mike Capps said...

George--The fact of the business is..the news business as you knew it...and as I knew it when I began thirty five years longer exists and hasn't for better than a decade, and maybe longer. Once the big corporations took over the emphasis faded from facts and knowledge to entertainment and titillation...Where once people could turn to ABC, CBS, NBC, or even CNN in its first twenty years for real, substantive news is not there anymore. Result: People are more ignorant of what is going on, have been sidetracked by all this entertainment or yelling and screaming "news" crap...and I dont see an end to it. Keep the people can control them much better that way.

Sad, sad, sad state of affairs.

Bbill said...

The Daily SHow has consistently done a better journalistic effort in revealing the lies, deceit and hypocrisy of the various major news stories...than kthe every day media. Now it looks like they will have a better time if the corrupt W and Cheney attack they keep threatening. IMPEACH the Bastards.

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