Sunday, October 7, 2007

Hot tubs, nursing homes and cheap white wine

Today's broadcast is from the high desert in Valencia, California. We are visiting the Mystery Woman's son and his young family. The weather is beautiful.

He picked us up at LAX. Otherwise, I would have never come. Not driving in L. A. traffic. Not me. Not ever. Too late for that kind of heroics.

On the way in, we stopped at a wonderful meat market to pick up marinated skirt steak for the grill. Carne asada (sp?). The market was teeming. The real deal. On Fridays, the line goes out the front door as workers cue up to cash their paychecks. Many illegals, I figure. Lots of $$$ headed for the home country, undoubtedly. A tough neighborhood, but festive today.

I like it here. Always have. The crisp, cool air meshes with the rays of the sun to form a layer of good living. Yes, I've heard all the jokes about "la-la land" but we still like it.

In fact, today we are getting a tour of nursing homes with their own vineyards. And hot tubs. Adjacent to a bicycle trail.

More later ...

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