Thursday, October 4, 2007

On the road again

You've seen them -- the overweight older people riding bicycles down the road with apparent ease, smiling in the wind, bugs in their teeth.

How do they do it? Gina Kolata wrote about the Bicycle Paradox recently in the NY Times, Fit Doesn't Have to Mean Thin. Check it out.

Riding a bike is a different kind of exercise that you can enjoy later in life. Your center of gravity isn't moving up and down like in running. Interesting. Encouraging.

I used to ride much better than I do now. One year, I logged 2,000 miles and had three fairly serious wipe-outs. Even wore out the chain. Got respect at the bike shop. And discounts on band-aids.

But the recovery time from each of three surgeries this year has slowed me down. I need a month each time just to get back to scratch. This year, I figure the Mystery Woman and I have ridden our bikes about five miles per month. That is not a typo.

Excuse #1: I have another surgery coming up. My pacemaker/defibrillator battery will need replacing soon. The procedure is simple, out-patient stuff. But the recovery just takes time.

Excuse #2: I turn 69 in November. How did that happen?

Here's the deal. Within 30 days of the next surgery, I'm going to be up on the bike again with a regular schedule. Watch for me on the roads around Austin this winter. I'll be the old guy with the buns of steel. The Mystery Woman will be in front.


Ken Martin said...

George you're a walking miracle and tribute to modern medicine, and responsible for enriching countless physicians what with all the surgery. You're just barely a year older than me and my LeMond Zurich road bike is collecting cobwebs right here next to my desk as I focus on getting back into weightlifting. But I've still got my "Share the Road, Y'all" license plates with Lance's image on 'em and I'll be sure to look for you on the roads of Austin.

Anonymous said...

Since I too am nearing the 69 mark,I thank God that my bicycle ridng takes place only on memory lane.It's appropriate that I can only think of one instance when I was involved in a wipe out;that was the day that I had Mary------ on the handle bars of my Schwinn Green Hornet and wanted her to know my experience and fortitude by jumping up over a curb. Sad story .I will be praying for you and your surgery. Just be comforted in the knowledge that this is only a mechanical replacement and not a brain transplant. It takes so darn many of those liberal brains to make one normal brain.-----Goose

Anonymous said...

Take care of yourself, George! I found that my bike made a great pool towel holder in the garage! The bike for inside made a great clothes closet. Can't wait to hear about your trips back on the road again!


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