Monday, November 26, 2007

Santa Claus HQ

Remember I told you the Mystery Woman had a thing for Santas? Here's a sample of her whimsical collection. A ten-year affair.

Getting them to Texas required two trips. And there are a few boxes still in Minneapolis. That's after she gave away half her table tops.

I'm new at posting photos and don't yet know how to splice together text and pictures. The Asian Santas, for example, are the three little guys on the white background, next to last. The rest, I think, explain themselves. However, we couldn't find the Navajo Santa. It's on the tree somewhere.

If this is too much schmaltz, skip it.


Anonymous said...

So glad that Mystery Woman kept her Santas, and they have found a new home in TX. George, you are a mensch.

Ross said...

You figured out how to post pictures! Onward!


The South Plainsman said...

I am afraid to show my bride those pictures. The Mystery Woman has a few that she doesn't. We need to keep them apart.

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