Saturday, November 24, 2007

Put another log on the fire

At the risk of being stoned by the crowd, here's breaking news: our Christmas tree is up and all the presents are in the house except two. That's one advantage of retirement -- there's time to better mess with holiday stuff.

I snapped what could be a great photo of the Mystery Woman and her seven-year-old granddaughter, Allison, each standing on the sofa and the arm of my favorite reading chair so they could reach the upper branches of the Christmas tree. It was a Kodak moment. And, I hope, a memory that Allison will repeat years from now to her children as they decorate the future trees. Memories are more precious than presents. Last longer, too.

Speaking of memories, the Mystery Woman collects Santas of every kind, shape and origin. We have Norwegian Santas, black Santas, Asian Santas, etc. Did I mention every decoration on the tree is a Santa Claus? More than 200 Santas, maybe 300. And that doesn't count the fifty sixty Santas scattered around the great room. We trucked them down from Minneapolis. Kinda neat.

Thanksgiving was fun, filling and fulfilling. Old family and new friends. Christmas holds the same promise.

Be good to one another. That seems to work best.

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