Thursday, November 8, 2007

Salty talk about whiskey and pajamas

First, a bit of housekeeping herewith: after 10 months of fairly regular writing, I can now boast that more than 10,000 people have clicked on my blog. Boast, you say? Aren't many bloggers netting that many a day. Yes. But they are not as cantankerous as I. Many thanks to you and you and you. Awww hell, you know who you are.

Following the writing-in-pajamas theme, more than 4.2 million Americans now work from home full time, or claim they do. That's up nearly 100 percent from a 1990 tally. And nearly 20 million more work at home some of the time. Well, that's one solution to traffic congestion. But if you work at home, how do you know whether Monday is a holiday?

This is the last time I'm going to tell you this: if you are having trouble setting up your home office filing system, name your files with nouns. Don's use adjectives, which are subject to your mood swings.

Gotta love the ingenuity of those Afghani farmers (read: mobsters). When told to stop growing poppies used in the opium and heroin trade, many did. Then they switched to harvesting cannabis, which is the active ingredient in marijuana and hashish.

Not yet a wine drinker? And you long for a return to yesteryear when Jim Beam was every man's best buddy? There's a whiskey model of the California Napa Valley wine tour. It's called the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Now, if we could just trade Alan Alda for John Wayne.

That's all. You'll hear more from me later. When I am ready.

1 comment:

ArchGrafiX said...

Actually, George (not that you are supposed to know this), tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the active ingredient in marijuana and hashish. Cannibis sativa is the scientific name of the species of plant, marijuana, from which hashish is derived as the concentrated version. Cannibis sativa is but one version of the plant; there are several others, one of which is non-psychoactive hemp used in making rope, hats, clothes, baskets, etc.

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