Thursday, November 29, 2007

Still missing L.M. Boyd

Can this be true? You've long known that desk job can make you fat. Here's why: researchers have found that the enzyme that fights creation of fat just shuts down when we sit down. Here's the good news: just standing up is almost as good as exercising. Hmmm, I suppose the Hallelujah Chorus, part of Handel's Messiah, works your top and your bottom.

All the health benefits of red wine without staining your dentures. Harvard researchers have packed the good stuff of your favorite Merlot into a pill. No pesky cork to contend with. Goes well with red meat.

Ever wonder how art got started? Natalie Angier weaves a delightful tale (based on a book by Ellen Dissanayake) that credits Early Mom with creating art. Furthermore, she says art is not on an elite stage just for social peacocks. Rather, she says, among traditional cultures and throughout most of human history, art has also been a profoundly communal affair, of harvest dances, religious pageants, quilting bees, the passionate town rivalries that gave us the spires of Chartres, Reims and Amiens.
Ponder that.

Researchers with too much time on their hands have also discovered men with deep voices get more action than squeakers. Imagine James Earl Jones calling his cat.

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