Monday, December 17, 2007

AARP conflict of interest?

Here we go again. The third year of Medicare prescription drug coverage is kicking off. Note: there have been significant changes.

And once again, we are not in control of our own lives. Already three million older Americans are hitting the gap this year. The what? You know, doughnut hole. The what?

We outnumber the bastards. There are three million of us and only a handful of them. Why don't we organize! Unite! Make T-shirts and wave placards!

We could call ourselves AARP. And when the drug companies offer goofy legislation and self-rewarding regulations in Washington, we can pretend we are the defenders of our 38,000,000 members. That's not a typo. AARP has 38 million members, thereabouts.

So, explain to me again how it is that with 38 million members, AARP let this Part D program get passed? Worse, how is it that the insurance companies this go-round have re-written the rules because the original plan didn't make them enough money!

Oh yes. I forgot. AARP sells insurance.


Anonymous said...

How right you are!!
The prescription SCAM is just that.
Patricia's prescriptions run us about $165.00 per week and mine only run about $25.00 per MONTH. None of her scripts are covered under the government plan and all of mine are. They still tell us that we should sign up and pay the Gov. $68.00 per month each.
The whole thing is ridiculous. The AARP does nothing to help people like us. They just tell everybody that they are right on top of things.
I don't want anything from the government that will risk running up my or your taxes, but some people just have no alternative. We have gotten used to the idea that if we can't or won't pony up for our own problems, then the good ole US of A will bail us out.
It's probably too late to retract many of the "social "programs now, but we don't need to add any more,such as Plan D--------Goose

Anonymous said...

The insurance companies rewrote the Medicare drug program because the billions of dollars they got three years ago in "attraction" bonuses were expiring

pill said...

Remember Unca George, Drug Companies are not the problem, insurance companies and pharmacies are. We live in a free country where drug companies are not funded by the government therefore they do have to make a profit to be able to find the next miracle drug, however they do not dictate the high price of drugs, the Pharmacies and Insurance providers do. Pharmacies rape us every time we fill a prescription with them and the insurance companies know yet let it happen. I work for a “drug company” (that will not be named) and we have drugs for seniors that cost our distribution center $10 per 1 month pack, they in turn sell it to the pharmacies for $15 who then sell it to the consumer for $65. If you can purchase your drugs directly from the Pharmaceutical company it will be cheaper. Go to the company’s web site to see if they offer any discounts or direct sales of their products.
Love ya! ~jill

eric starkman said...

I thought this blog post about AARP's conflict of interest would be of interest.

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