Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas present touts -- special books

Quickly, while there's still time to shop, here are touts for the men in your life, and the little children. Or do I repeat myself?

If the guy likes baseball, football or wrasslin' (and who doesn't?) give him a copy of "Play by Play" by my old buddy, Bill Mercer. Full disclosure: Mercer is one of the co-authors of our book, "When the News Went Live" which is about being reporters covering the JFK assassination.

Mercer is a member of the Texas Radio Hall of Fame. He's been at broadcasting sports before Marconi was born. Early on, Mercer re-created the ball games using his imagination, ticker tape from Western Union and a beer or two. The book is both a history of sports and of broadcasting. He writes good, too.

Now, for the kids. Remember the pitiful pop-up books of your childhood? Well, forget those. The technology has changed. In dramatic ways. Even adults are captivated today's pop-up books. The pages come alive with intricate movement, great color and a lot of expensive hand work.

Caution: if your kid is too young, the book will be a goner in a hurry. Having said that, here are two books that I highly recommend:

"The Night Before Christmas," a pop-up by Robert Sabuda, is the most amazing book I've ever seen. Open a page, any page, and the characters come to life. Beautiful, intricate, expensive. But I repeat myself.

"The Wonderful Wizard of Oz," a pop-up by L. Frank Baum and Robert Sabuda. You won't believe what the pop-up characters do and I cannot do justice in writing about the magic. Each two-page spread is a miracle of art and motion unfolding together.

We have each of these books. And they aren't leaving the house.


Anonymous said...

I ordered numerous copies of the other books you recommended for Christmas gifts, George. Thanks for making these -- you've got a good sense for good literature. -- Denise

Anonymous said...

How much do you pay this Denise,girl to write such nice stuff. Does she not know that the comments she writes goes to your head.
What's she going to say when she finds out that Mystery Woman does all your writing!!!------Goose

George Phenix said...

Denise is the sister of my son-in-law. She is a reporter and teaches journalism. As such, she is obviously objective.

However, I know of two nationally known sports writers who, late in life, coast on the writing contributions of the muses who love them. Not fair; not nice.

Anonymous said...

My comments were all in fun, as you probably surmised. I think you do a fantastic job writing as much as you do. Now if we could only get you to write conservative missives I would feel that you had come to your good ole wes' Texas senses.---- Goose

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