Thursday, December 20, 2007

Luddites of the world -- UNITE!

My college buddy and long-time business partner Sam Kinch, Jr. is a helluva political writer. But when it comes to any kind of machine, he is a Luddite PhD. And I'm not far above in the technological food chain.

Herewith is today's email exchange between us:

An email arrived from Kinch. The subject matter was "two really good cartoons" but with no attachments

"No attachments," I wrote back.

Some time passed.

Then another email from Kinch saying "You'll just have to take my word for it. They were really good cartoons."

So I wrote him back, "Which one did you like best?"

(We've been doing this for nearly 50 years.)


The South Plainsman said...

I still have my copy of Kinch's book, Too Much Money Is Not Enough, by my desk. It's true now more than ever.

John Hastings said...

Luddites unite!!!!

I know you did not write this just for me but I got the best laugh of the day (not at you but with you).

Please be assured that there are more of the technology challenged than there are of the nerds! :) I am beginning to think this may extend to younger ages than you think. They may have an iPhone but my guess is that they only know how to use about 20% of it's features and have no clue on how it works.

It has been nice to watch you over the years as you have come to a kind of "negotiated settlement" with technology. You and Sam somehow made it work and that is what counts.

Be brave. Be proud. Be a luddite!

Linda said...

Maybe you should also mention how keen you are with a cell phone. Now, that's funny.


kermit Johnson said...

Could you geezers be luddites for just a day?

I have a challenge for you:
Blog Inaction Day!

Invite your geezer friends.

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