Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Apologies to Verlyn Klinkenborg

Red-faced. That's me. Not once, but several times, I have lifted Verlyn Klinkenborg's material for this blog. Always with credit.

But it was not proper credit. Somehow, I got it in my mind that Klinkenborg was a woman. Not so. Apologies, Mr. K. I should have checked your resume.

This discovery does not diminish my appreciation of your written stuff.

Footnote: You might be interested to know that the previous blog entry on the apostrophe has generated the most comments ever in this short history of this limited circulation blog. My buddies are the punctuation police. We take these little dots seriously.

Although I do get mixed up about the dash. I'm not even sure what a dash looks like. And where do the spaces go?

I may have to change majors.


Anonymous said...

Have'nt You learned by now that a dash is the time frame between eating the last bite of fruit salad and when you reach the john.

Anonymous said...

Did I slip my apostrophe through????--- Goose

George Phenix said...

Where is the eraser on this thing?

The South Plainsman said...

Who the Hell is Verlyn Klinkenborg?

Linda said...

You might want to talk about your expertise with a cell phone. Now, that's funny!!! Got messages?????

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